Monday, August 1, 2011

Emmie Too

In coming up with a tag line for the foundation we wanted something that would really reflect Emerson. Lots of things were tossed around about love being eternal, having hope, etc., but none of them were "her". After some thought we came up with "Emmie too". This may seem simple or even not make sense, which is the reason I am explaining it here. Emerson LOVED her big sisters and always wanted to be doing whatever they did. I can so clearly hear her little voice saying "I dance too, I float too, I go to Steeple School too?" As the third child she got to see her sisters doing lots of things she was not quite big enough for yet but she always tried to keep up and was always so excited to be included. One of my favorite things was in the Fall, just before her 2nd birthday I took the girls to get puffer vests. Such a nothing errand but they had them in Emerson's size too. Oh, how fun she made a silly errand as she pranced up to the resgister so proud to get her vest too. She LOVED wearing that vest and would say "I vest too!" when it was time to get her coat on. It is purple with butterflies on it and will always hang in our closet along with her sisters'. There were so many other times. In the tub she would float on her back and say I float too, imitating what she saw Reese do at swimming lessons. I was so looking forward to summer, to taking Emmie in the pool and watching her get her turn. Or there were the times we would drop her sisters off at school and she would ask "I go too" and she would have started playgroup st Steeple School in the Fall. Often at Reese's dance class Reese would take her hand and line her up with the other girls in the class, Reese wanting her little sister to get her chance just as much as she wanted it for herself. Even in the morning when I would stop to get my coffee there was always "I come too" making sure she would be coming into Starbucks with me where she would dance around and I would just swell with love for her. There are so many "too"s we want to give Emerson, and there are no words to explain how much it breaks our hearts for what she is missing out on doing "too".

From another angle people so often ask about our children. How many we have, what they are up to,etc. Rarely these days does Emmie come up without us mentioning her first. Emmie is our daughter TOO. We want to talk about Emmie too. For us, she is always there, in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our mind's eyes playing along beside her sisters. When you ask us about our children ask about Emmie, we are always thinking of her and including her, she is our daughter too.
Lastly, we all want to leave our imprint by the life we lead here. Emerson was an amazing little girl, so full of love and life and even in the short 28 months she had here, Emmie left her impression. We are forever changed by having her. So watch the foundation and see what our little girl can accomplish because she is still working her magic, she matters too.
The Hitchcock Family
Scott, Danielle, Cayden, Reese, Avery and "Emmie too"

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